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Black Arts Toneworks - Pharaoh Fuzz

Ein Fuzz dass nicht alles zumatscht und sowohl Gitarre als auch Amp soundlich am Leben lässt.....


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For musicians who love their guitar and amp’s tone. The Pharaoh pedal, while its roots and DNA are classic fuzz, has a few twists. The Pharaoh has a wide range of clipping and tonal options. From a cleanish boost, to a light OD, all the way to saturated fuzz. It sounds clear and natural, strong and bold. Your guitar sound isn’t high jacked, and your amp’s tone is not destroyed. The Pharaoh utilizes a dual tone control. The tone circuit is designed to suffer little volume loss, and give a natural sound. Your guitar and amp still sounds like your guitar and amp. No drastic cuts or boosts. The tone section allows your amp to do the heavy lifting. The Pharaoh starts with a hi/lo input switch, not unlike that of your favorite tube amp. Lo for more headroom/less clipping. Hi for less headroom/more clipping. A standard fuzz knob. A full range tone control with the addition of a high end compensation knob to allow you to replenish the highs cut by the tone control when boosting lows. The diode selector switch allows for different modes of clipping. Silicon Diodes for a raspy distorted sound, Diode bypass for more volume /headroom and less clipping. Asymmetrical Germanium clipping diodes give a warm, tubey old school sound. The two switches can take the Pharaoh from a clean/ fat boost to light OD which cleans up well with your guitar’s volume knob, all the way to hairy open fuzz. The Pharaoh utilizes signal caps large enough to pass all frequencies through, uncut. Again, a natural sound. This is especially important for bass player; you’ll get huge fuzz with NO low-end loss, and without squishy flubby tone....


Man lese auch nach im Guitar Magazine - Ausgabe 12/2014 ab Seite 109. Viel Spass!


Marke Black Arts Toneworks


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  • Bewertung
    Versatile Fuzztruck
    Kundenmeinung von Pedro(on 31.01.2016)
    This pedal gives you a whole palette of fuzz sounds to work with, from mild Gilmour-ish like fuzz to Electric Wizards buckets of gnarliness.

    There is a sensible difference when switching between types of transistors - expected due to the sort of electronics that are in. But easily adjustable with the volume knob.

    Construction is good, could be a bit sturdier I think. But will do what it's supposed to.

    I had to choose between this and the Musket - ended up going with the Pharaoh for the warmer tones, they sounded more "organic" to my ears - but that's my personal opinion.

    In any case, recommended for its versatility, but I'd add that it seems to me more useful for those - like me - who want to dial a huge amount of gnarly fuzz in their sounds. The fact that the pedal can deal with more laid back tones is a plus, but I don't think it is the main goal of it (I mean, look at the name).