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Dwarfcraft Devices - PitchGrinder DEMO

Demopedal from our showroom: The PitchGrinder from Dwarfcraft is an 8 step sequenced pitch shifter

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Demopedal from our showroom - minimal wear - full warranty. 

The PitchGrinder from Dwarfcraft is an 8 step sequenced pitch shifter, with plenty of bells an whistles for the forward thinking musician. This one-of-a-kind effect also massages your retro-bone with 8 bit processing, for bleeping computer fun.

Actually, she’s a sequenced pitch shifter called Pitch Grinder. Our first foray into the digital realm, the PG smashes your signal down into 8 bits of mayhem, and then tosses them up and down in pitch, in intervals of your choosing.

The Pitchgrinder is ready for action! We have eight tunable stages, labeled in sequence on the face of the box, with a handy bunch of LEDs to inform you of which step you are on. The shift range is from -1 octave to +2 octaves. Don’t worry about hitting the “in between” notes, the PG will only hit what most consider “real” shifting intervals. Of course, if your input is slightly out of tune, your effected signal will be as well.

The engage switch makes the thing go. The tap switch does many things. Of course, it sets the tempo for the unit. When your Grinder is running, depress the tap switch to freeze the pattern where it is. When you release the tap switch, the Grinder will resume running the pattern.

The “Length” knob controls the length of the pattern, from one to eight steps. When the length is set to 1, the Tap switch can be used to cycle to the next stage of shifting.

And we’ve JUST added the feature to push this pedal into outer space… Glide. Glide mode will be turned on and off via a toggle on the face of the unit. This mode is much like the glide function on a synthesizer, winding your pitch up or down to the next step in the pattern.

We’ve got a few flavors of teaser available now, giving you a taste of the Pitch Grinder’s personality.

Sequencer Control – The onboard sequencer will move through 1 to 8 of the pitch shifting steps on the face of the unit, allowing you to create arpeggios or melodies.

Tap Tempo – You're always in the moment! Control your sequencer speed, or freeze it to stay in your current stage.

Glide – Your pitch can glide between stages, or snap from one to the other.

Octave Spread – Shift your input signal from -1 octave to +2.

Signal digitally crushed to 8 punishing bits!





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