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Iron Ether - Polytope Quad-Voice Detuner

Create massive, multi-faceted and shimmering sounds with the Polytope four-voice detuned.

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The Polytope creates up to four copies of the input signal which can be detuned in pitch from subtle thickening to huge multi-voice detuned synth sounds. The detuned voices maintain the timbre of the input and respond well to polyphonic signals. In addition to the static detune mode, the included LFO (low frequency oscillator) can be used to sweep the pitches of all four voices to create wide and deep chorus ensembles when combined with the clean signal. Removing the clean signal allows for true pitch vibrato, from slight wavering to tape-style wow and flutter, slow seasick wobbles and high speed FM synth-style modulation. A highpass filter allows the user to apply the detuning only to high frequencies.

The controls are extremely wide-ranging, covering classic sounds and extending into spaced-out madness.

Polytope Features:

Detune – Controls the amount of pitch shift away from the original note. The Range switch sets the range of this knob; the lower setting covers under a half-step for thick, multi-voice synth sounds. The higher setting allows the pitch to be shifted multiple semitones up and down (in multi-voice modes). In modulation mode, this controls the depth of the pitch sweeping.

Voices – This knob fades up the volume of each detune voice in sequence, starting with one voice shifting up from the original pitch, then adding a down-shifting voice. Voices 3 and 4 are additional upward and downward voices, respectively, which are twice as far from the original note as 1+2.

Filter – This control sets the cutoff frequency of a highpass filter before the detuning. This can be used to remove beating that can happen with bass-heavy detuning, or to apply the detuning only to upper harmonics of a signal, as well as for creating unique special effects.

Clean – Controls the volume of the clean signal. Adding the clean signal in creates detune or chorus sounds – removing it creates vibrato.

Voice vol – Controls the volume of the detuned voices.

Speed – In modulation mode, this controls the speed of the LFO which sweeps the pitch up and down. Ranges from very slow, one cycle over many seconds, up to low audio frequencies.

Mode – This switch chooses between static Detuner mode or Modulation mode.

Measures 4.7″ x 2.5″ (12cm x 6.3cm). Runs on industry-standard 9 volt DC center negative power supply. 85mA current draw.
Powersupply not included.

Relay-based true bypass.

Audio and power jacks on the top of the pedal.

Thank you, 8302net!


Marke Iron Ether


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  • Bewertung
    Schöner Unison Effekt für analoge Synths
    Kundenmeinung von Hannes(on 15.02.2018)
    Benutze den Polytope als Ergänzung zu meinen analogen Synthesizern um fette Klangflächen zu erzeugen die man so sonst nur von virtuellen Synths kennt. LFO abschalten und die Pitch Range auf niedrig schalten und fertig ist der 1A Unison Effekt!
    Angemerkt sei noch das ich scheinbar eine aktuellere Version des Polytope bekommen habe als hier auf dem Produktfoto gezeigt. Meine Version hat zusätzlich noch einen HP/LP Schalter für den Filter, auch die Farbe ist etwas anders. Auf jedenfall Kaufempfehlung!