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Iron Ether - Xerograph Deluxe filter

The Xerograph Deluxe is a 4-pole resonant lowpass filter, inspired by synthesizers, with deep envelope capabilities and expression control, which can be used together or separately.

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Iron Ether Xerograph Deluxe filter - redesigned for 2016

The Xerograph Deluxe is a 4-pole resonant lowpass filter, inspired by synthesizers, with deep envelope capabilities and expression control, which can be used together or separately.

In addition to the dubby static lowpass sounds and foot-swept resonant filter sweeps of the original Xerograph, the Xerograph Deluxe can create envelope filter sounds from classic auto-wah to modern subtractive synthesis, downward envelopes, and triggered slow synth sweeps.

New and improved for 2016: The XD has been retooled with a new expression attenuator knob, a stomp switch to activate the envelope follower, all jacks on top, improved envelope response in Down mode, and some subtle tweaks that make it easier to dial in.


Frequency: Sets the cutoff frequency of the filter, removing frequencies above this point. When using an expression pedal with the Xerograph, the Frequency knob sets the minimum frequency of the filter sweep.

Resonance: Boosts frequencies around the cutoff frequency, which intensifies the effect of the filter. Set the resonance low for more subtle tone-shaping, or turn it up to around 3-o’clock for wet synth sounds. Turning Resonance to maximum sends the filter into self-oscillation.

Filter volume: Sets the output volume of the filtered signal.

Clean volume: Sets the output volume of the clean signal, blended in with the filtered signal.

Sensitivity: Controls how much the playing dynamics will sweep the filter cutoff.

Exp: Acts as a limiter on the expression pedal, setting how far the expression pedal can sweep the filter cutoff. Combined with the Frequency knob, using the Exp knob, the expression pedal can be set to cover any frequency range, from the full range of the pedal, down to a few semitones if required.
Envelope stomp switch: Activates the envelope follower. This switch allows you to move seamlessly from a static dub filter to a wet envelope filter with a stomp. The LED will change from blue to turquoise when the envelope is activated.

Slow/Fast switch: Alters the response time of the envelope.

2-pole/4-pole switch:

2-pole mode is a classic, funky filter with a wide, vocal-like resonance peak.
4-pole mode offers a fat, deep, and synthy filter with a sharp resonance peak.

Down/Up switch: Sets the direction of the envelope sweep.


Low-noise, low-distortion active components chosen for excellent audio fidelity.
Measures 4.7″ x 2.5″ (12cm x 6.3cm).
Runs on industry-standard 9 volt DC center-negative power supply. 85mA current draw.
Powersupply not included

Relay-based true bypass.
All jacks are located at the top of the pedal to save pedalboard space.

The Xerograph Deluxe has been redesigned with new features:

- Expression attenuator knob lets you set the perfect sweep and is compatible with any common expression pedal.
- Stomp switch activates/deactivates the envelope follower, allowing you to seamlessly move from envelope filter sounds to static dub or expression sweeps without any knob adjustments. A dual-color LED indicates bypass and envelope status.
- All jacks on top (previously there wasn't enough room to fit the power jack up top - a newly-available part makes this possible now).
- Down envelope mode is retooled to be much more versatile and easy to use.
- The control curves have been reworked to make it easier to dial in your favorite sounds. The same range and depth is still available - it's just easier to zoom in on the most typical sounds.
- Low-noise, low-distortion active circuitry for excellent audio fidelity.

Thank you, Dennis Kayzer


Marke Iron Ether


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  • Bewertung
    exzellenter low pass filter in handlich
    Kundenmeinung von Jan Michael (on 09.08.2017)
    Ich bin kurz gesagt voll von den Socken. Ersetzt den klassischen low pass filter von moog (den MF-101) vollständig bei einem Sechstel (höchstens!!) des Volumes und einem Viertel des Gewichts. Hinzu kommt, dass das Teil an einem std. 9V Verteiler läuft! Kurz: einfach ideal!!

    Sound lässt sich schwer in Worte fassen, darum sei an dieser Stelle auf dieses youtube demo verwiesen: