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3leaf Audio - Chromatron Envelope Filter

Optically-controlled analog filter that can switch between envelope control and manual control via expression pedal with the push of a button.

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The Chromatron is the result of 10 years tweaking, refining and reimagining the state variable filter circuit. It is an optically-controlled analog filter that can switch between envelope control and manual control via expression pedal with the push of a button. The envelope detector is an original design, producing a musical filter response that spans a broad range of tones from vintage quack to future-synth psychedelica.


POWER 9V DC, 30mA minimum. 2.1mm center-negative connector. (not included)


OUTPUT IMPEDANCE very low. BYPASS transparent active bypass system with propri- etary electronic switching. No clicks, no pops, will never break.

FOOTPRINT 122 mm x 101 mm


CONTROLS RESPONSE is the sensitivity of the lter to your playing dy- namics. Start with the sensitivity at minimum and turn up until the lter responds to your liking. This is the most important knob on the pedal!

ATTACK sets the speed at which the lter opens up. Lower settings produce a fast, snappy attack similar to , while higher settings produce a slow, fat “wah” sound. In reverse sweep mode, ATTACK sets the minimum cuto frequency of the filter.

DECAY sets the speed at which the lter closes back down. Higher settings allow the lter to stay open longer, while lower settings produce quicker, more “bubbly” envelope sounds.

TONE adjusts the maximum cuto frequency of the lter. Think of it like the tone knob on a guitar.

MIX blends your clean input signal with the lter output.

RESONANCE sets the amount of feedback in the lter sig- nal path. Higher settings produce a larger resonant peak at the lter's cuto frequency, which makes the lter sound more prominant. Be careful: higher resonance settings cause sharp peaks that can damage speakers at high volumes.

BOOST is a post- lter gain stage.

RANGE sets the broad frequency range of the lter. Both positions have been ne-tuned to sound great in a variety of contexts.

SWEEP toggles between normal and reverse lter modes. In the up position, the lter sweeps normally. In the down posi- tion, the sweep is reversed. You may need to change the set- tings of the attack and decay knobs for best results.

BAND toggles between low pass and band pass responses. Down is low pass - a deep, full sound that retains all your low end. Up is band pass - a more agressive sound that cuts low end as the lter opens up. Try mixing in some clean signal in band pass mode for a dramatic sound that retains low end.


Marke 3leafaudio


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