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Black Cat Pedals - Stereo Vibe

The new Stereo Black Cat Vibe uses the same circuit as the original Black Cat Vibe, with the addition of two exciting new features:

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The new Stereo Black Cat Vibe uses the same circuit as the original Black Cat Vibe, with the addition of two exciting new features:

1) Second output jack for true stereo operation, and

2) Enhanced power supply circuitry to accommodate 12V DC power, or 12V AC (like the original). That’s right, the new Stereo Black Cat Vibe now runs on DC power, which makes it compatible with any multi-pedal brick type power supply unit that can supply 12V DC with a minimum current of 400mA. The Black Cat Vibe has garnered a reputation among many as the best Univibe effect ever made, and has been used by many well-known players, such as Trey Anastasio, Steve Lukather, Scott Henderson, and Michael Landau.

The Black Cat Vibe uses a flashing incandescent lamp and four photocells to create its distinctive sound. This is an essential part of accurately creating the authentic Univibe effect. The new Black Cat Vibe features our custom 3D printed Black Cat Dome to shield this part of the circuit and create the proper environment for optimal response.

Same circuit as the original Black Cat Vibe

Custom fabricated Metallic Silver enclosure – Made the USA

Custom 3D printed Black Cat Dome lamp/LDR cover – Made in USA

Second output for true stereo operation

Expression pedal jack for manual speed control

12V DC center negative 400 mah (powersupply not included)

Hand-wired, Boutique quality, Made in USA

Use OUTPUT 1 to run in mono for the classic Univibe effect. OUTPUT 2 is the inverted effect signal; it sounds a bit different (more phaser-like) than OUTPUT 1. Running both outputs to two different amplifiers is a completely different effect unto itself, creating an entirely new spatially animated stereo modulation experience.

The CHORUS/VIBRATO switch toggles between CHORUS and VIBRATO mode. The “classic” Univibe tone is achieved with a slow speed rate in CHORUS mode.

The VOLUME control sets the overall output volume of the effect. Unity gain is around 12 o’clock, and output can get quite loud with the VOLUME control turned up.

The INTENSITY control sets the depth (or amount) of the effect. In CHORUS mode, start by turning the INTENSITY up half way (12 o’clock), then set to taste. The VIBRATO mode generally sounds best with the INTENSITY turned up higher.

The SPEED control sets the rate of the effect. The speed rate can be manually controlled using a standard expression pedal (we recommend the Moog EP-3). When a plug is inserted into the Expression jack (EXP), the SPEED control pot is disengaged and the expression pedal then controls the rate of speed.


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