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Imagine taking the ice bucket challenge, but you’re dunking yourself in dreams! Inspired by the ultra-modern line 14 of the Paris Métro and its sleek platforms of glass, steel and tile that add all kinds of cool sonic artifacts to the space, the MÉTÉORE™ (pronounced may-tay-or) is our take on reverb.

We’ve kept your original signal path analog and pure, while giving you overdrive and regeneration controls to take you from spring reverb sounds to something much bigger. The controls are very interactive with each other, and as per Caroline tradition, this pedal can get VERY loud. You know, something something power, responsibility, blah blah blah…

Source: youtube / Knobs

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Brand Caroline Guitar Company


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    Unique modern reverb
    Review by Benoit(on 12/23/2016)
    I'm in love with this reverb! It sounds modern, it's addictive and you can play with it as an effect, not only a nice reverb.