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Fuzzrocious Pedals - Rat King / Cat King momentary Feedback 2nd distortion mod version

Die grosse Version des RAT TAIL mit Feedback  und 2 Gainstufen....

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The Cat King is the “king sized” version of our Cat Tail, a low to high gain distortion with overdrive capabilities (some even say at high gain settings, it sounds like a fuzz). This circuit is based on a well-loved, classic distortion that make a clean amp dirty and a dirty amp disgusting. We have tweaked the original circuit to better meet the needs of guitarists and bassists alike. With the addition of a diode toggle for extra tweakability for clipping options, we have added to the modifications the Beavis double resistor mod (Clipping 1 and 2 pots) to allow the user to subtly fine tune how the signal clips on the highs and lows.

The Cat King adds the following two mods on board to allow users two mods at their feet rather than just one on a Cat Tail:

FEEDBACK MOD - via a momentary or latching footswitch connected to a feedback pot, one can feed the signal back upon itself for oscillation/feedback/nois. Please note that buffered pedals and/or too many pedals placed in line before The Cat Tail will negate the feedback mod.

2nd DISTORTION MOD - via a latching footswitch, one can switch back and forth between two (2) distortion pots. Think of it like having two distortion presets and using a footswitch to move back and forth between the two. Please note that 2nd Distortion is not stacking. Please note – The Cat King is the same pedal/circuit as the pedal formerly known as the “Rat King.” We changed the name for a trademark infringement issue.


VOLUME – makes the output of the circuit louder or quieter.

TONE FILTER – moves from treble to bass when turned clockwise. There is a general high mids presence in most tone settings with little to no bass loss.

DISTORTION 1 & 2 POTS– moves from a little to no drive/distortion to high distortion when turned clockwise.

CLIPPING 1 & 2 POTS – fine tunes how the signal clips on the highs and lows. To start, roll them both back, then slowly roll them clockwise to find your personal taste in clipping of your signal.

DIODE TOGGLE – connects to the Diode pot to blend between 1n914 silicon diodes and LEDs. Toggle up means the diodes are active; down means no diodes are active (less compressed, more open sounding).

DIODE – (see explanation in “DIODE TOGGLE” above)

FEEDBACK – connects to the feedback footswitch to control the feeding back of the circuit’s signal into itself to let you makes lots of noise.

POWER Fuzzrocious Pedals’ products do not support batteries due to risk of damage to the unit and for ecological concerns related to the use and disposal of batteries. It is the customer’s responsibility to power the pedal with a 9V DC 2.1mm center negative tip adaptor that will not be provided by Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC.



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