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Chase Bliss Audio - Thermae

Radically new approach to analog delay and harmonization....

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Thermae™ represents a radically new approach to analog delay and harmonization. The pedal digitally manipulates the analog signal path created by 4 re-issued versions of the legendary MN3005 bucket-brigade delay chips. This creates the ability to change delay time in musically interesting intervals which allows for innumerable options for harmonizing and other sonic madness. These intervals can be sequenced through automatically or triggered manually for ultimate usability in a musical context. Thermae™ can also be used as a more standard analog delay with unprecedented analog modulation options. Every knob and switch is connected to a little digital brain while your guitar signal stays 100% analog and never gets digitally processed.

This pedal consumes ~180mA and should be operated with a standard 2.1mm 9V DC center negative adapter with current supply capabilities of 200mA or more. If you use a “standard” outlet of 100mA, the pedal will not function properly. Input impedance of this device is 1M, and output impedance is less than 1k. Powersupply not included.


Marke Chase Bliss Audio


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  • Bewertung
    The worlds best delay?
    Kundenmeinung von chris(on 06.12.2018)
    YES! this is probably the worlds best delay.

    after owning a bunch of delays, analog as well as digital - it's not hard to decide: CBA topped with their THERMAE all standards you have met in the past, beginning with the clear repeats, the super awesome sounds and goes further up to the advanced Midi & CV-control options (hello? you can save and recall presets on an analogue delay, how horny is that?!) and it founds its final BLISS in the dip switches.

    if you want to use it as a pretty standard delay - go for it!
    you won't find any simliar 4 (yes, four!) seconds of the perfect delay.

    if you want a crazy pitch shifting mod maschine with tons of features - go for it!

    THERMAE made me resell my Dynacord VRS-23, for example.
    and the Eventide Timefactor. and the Strymon Timeline.
    nothing can reach THERMAE.