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Chase Bliss Audio - Tonal Recall Analog Delay

100% analog signal path, full digital control of parameters. No digital conversion or processing.

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Features Overview:

100% analog signal path, full digital control of parameters. No digital conversion or processing.
2 onboard save-able presets + live mode for 3 distinct settings (expandable to 122 with a midi controller).
Tap Tempo / Hold for setting delay time via tap. Holding the switch gives runaway oscillation. 6 delay subdivisions including dotted eighth note.
True bypass or buffered bypass with trails.
2 Xvive MN3005 delay chips.
SLB (short, long, both) selects between 1 MN3005 (i.e. DM2), 2 MN3005 (i.e DMM), and both for a multi-tap mixed output of the two for more of a washed out / reverby sound.
Circuit is tuned for 550ms max delay time (longer delays are possible via trimmer adjustment, but compromises tap tempo accuracy and optimal clock filtering).
Sine, triangle, and square wave modulation with independent rate and depth controls. At max depth, madness ensues.
Full midi implementation to control presets and parameters.
Expression / CV control over any parameter individually or simultaneously.
Ramping over any parameter individually or simultaneously.
Tone control for full range of clear or dark repeats.
Mix Control goes 100% dry to 100% wet. On "short" delay setting, pedal can be used as a vibrato or chorus.
Internal trimmer for max regeneration. Pedal ships with self-oscillation abilities, with the potential to get wilder.


Marke Chase Bliss Audio


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  • Bewertung
    Kundenmeinung von Johnny Ska (on 31.05.2017)
    Top Delay, das in Verbindung mit einem Midiswitcher (Ich habe einen Disaster Area DPC-5 Gen3) erst seine wahren Stärken ausspielen kann. Ich habe jetzt jeden Song ein Preset zugewiesen, zusätzlich versorgt der Switcher das Pedal mit Midiclock, das Tempo habe ich auch für jeden Song gespeichert. Alles funktioniert prima und man hat trotzdem den tollen Analogsound!