Clouds Hill FX - LAUT Vintage Valve Booster

Handwired High End Tube based Booster

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Handwired by our technicians and thoroughly tested by the musicians at Clouds Hill, this beautifully simple pedal has been 100% handmade in Hamburg.

Conceived to prevent signal loss from long chains of pedals, the valve booster strengthens signal output without the need to increase volume.

Thicker and much more assertive, the signal becomes so clear that we are actually able to recognize the individual brand of the valve inside the pedal.

And, not only does it sound great with guitars and basses, we also use the pedal to improve DI signals with synthesizers, reamp badly recorded material, boost gain from a quiet source or for distortion and valve harmonics. In fact, this pedal is so versatile, it can be used to improve the listening experience of music on your Hi-Fi at home.

-ECC83 or 12AX7 Tube inside

-12V AC, 600mA (powersupply included). 

-selected NOS and high quality components. 

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