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Damage Control - Womanizer Pure Class A NEW OLD STOCK

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We were able to find some brandnew Damage Controls from 2009!

Damage Control - Womanizer Pure Class A Distortion

Direct Recording Heaven

3 devices in one: tube preamp, direct recording preamp, and tube distortion pedal.

Dual 12AX7 gain section with gorgeous, dynamic class A gain. From subtle blues tone to heavy rock.

Studio quality opto-compressor based on a classic circuit. Dial in your dynamics simply and easily.

Active pre and post EQ sections.

Pre EQ boost/cut with variable frequency control.

Post EQ features active bass control and active treble control.

Advanced all-analog speaker compensation circuit results in the best direct recording tones available with any technology. Developed with extensive analysis of an open back 1×12.

“Magic Eye” display technology responds to playing dynamics.

Rugged, road ready metal knobs and switches.

14dB of additional footswitchable gain via “nuclear” footswitch.

Crafted with love in the USA


Superior Analog Performance

True Bypass. No compromise relay true bypass for zero loss bypass signal performance. NO tonal degradation.

Premium low noise signal path.

Direct output featuring 14th order advanced analog speaker emulation.

Dual 12AX7s run at their full 250V plate voltage. No starving plates here.

Powersupply included

Source: youtube/Damage Control




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Brand Damage Control


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Customer Reviews

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    Womaniser dual valve distortion. Good pedal
    Review by theinvisiblemic(on 7/13/2016)
    I have Laney Lionheart 5 W combo. The Womaniser complements the amp very well. The amp is class A but has a very vintage kind of overdrive. The Womaniser has a modern tight high gain sound. It fits the Laney like a glove. It is a pure type of harmonic distortion without any fuzz. This is the type of sound I was looking for.

    When I bought the Laney I added a Blackstar HT dual but I found that it took some experimenting to get a good sound. It has a tendency to sound a bit dull and dark and I found that I had to push the found of the amp to boost the treble a bit. The womaniser is a better pedal and easier to get a good sound from the outset. It is pretty flexible too with the pre and post eq.

    This pedal is the one I should have bought from the outset but I was persuaded by good reviews for the Blackstar and there was little about the Womaniser in reviews. It has since been discontinued so I had to search to find one and I was lucky enough to find that there were a couple of stores in Germany (I live in UK) that have New Old Stock. It is absolutely new and pristine and I have been very pleased with the service. It was just as easy as ordering from the UK.

    Just to recap, this pedal has a tight high gain sound with harmonic musical distortion and not fuzzy. It is high quality and low noise, easy to use with the LEDs showing different states and true bypass. It's a shame it has been discontinued, but that's not because of the quality of it.