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Fuzzrocious Pedals - Grey Stache Diode and momentary oscillation mod

Civil War BM based - one versatile guitar AND bass-friendly monster with Diode and momentary oscillation mod...

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What is the GREY STACHE?

The GREY STACHE is based upon the GGG-tuned and Civil War versions of the EHX Big Muff Pi, creating one versatile guitar AND bass-friendly monster! The tone stack features the ability to keep the unit at "stock" (scooped mids) or boost the mids (important for bassists to punch through in the mix). We offer many mods to allow the user to get everything s/he wants out of a muff.

DIODE MOD – via a toggle, the user can switch between three (3) diode clipping choices to find the type of clipping s/he wants (clipping is the signal distorting). We offer the choice of two (2) sets of the following diodes to accompany the “no diodes” setting (middle toggle position) - 1n914 silicon, LED, 1n4001 silicon, and germanium.

OSCILLATION MOD - via a momentary or latching footswitch, one can feed the signal back upon itself for oscillation/feedback/noise.

Includes bypass footswitch, volume pot, tone pot, mids pot, sustain pot, and a 1590BB enclosure.


source: youtube/Fuzzrocious pedals


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