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Randale Pedale - BLACKOUT

Wie die Original Kalamazoo-Ratte läuft der BLACKOUT mit einem LM308 im Herzen

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rat magic//

Born in 1978 in Kalamazoo with a LM308 at its core this classic fuzztortion became witness to the hair-metal invasion as a youngster,survived a decade of grunge in the 90´s just after being sonically abused by many noise-rock and punk bands during its adulthood.

Nevertheless there is a love/hate relationship for many musicians between them and this electric animal. You got a desease spreading rodent on one hand but a endangered species on the other.

The BLACKOUT comes along with a Baxandall bass and treble control to choose from a wide range of midrangy or modern and edgy scooped sounds. No matter if you want to live up to the classic and sharp sound of its ancestor or a more open sounding clipping characteristic: the toggle switch gives you three different distortion characteristics on electric guitar & BASS..

Danke, Dennis Kayzer


Marke Randale Pedale


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