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Crazy Tube Circuits - White Whale

A versatile studio quality reverb in a small pedal format and user friendly design, utilizing our proven technique of paralleling analog with digital to get best of both worlds.

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Why do you have to struggle for a digital emulation of two classic effects when you can have the real thing! That’s what we asked ourselves when capturing the concept of White Whale. It features a real 3-spring reverb tank along with controls for dwell, mix, and tone to provide the lushest analog spring reverb you’ll ever find in a pedal of its size (17 x 12,5 x 7,5 cm) to experience the ultimate ride of a wave. Combined with its two selectable modes of an all analog tremolo, the White Whale is all you’ll ever need to deliver old-school surf tones.

Each effect has its own true bypass function (via the onboard footswitches or remote switching units) so you can have simultaneous or independent operation. With 2 separate expression pedal inputs you can control parameters like reverb mix and tremolo speed. Classic sound with modern flexibility !


Dwell: controls the strength of the signal that is going into the spring tank. Affects tonaly quality and decay of reverb.

Tone: controls presence/brightness of reverb. Mix: blends the amount of wet (reverb) signal into dry.

Speed: set the rate of tremolo effect.

Depth: set the intensity of tremolo effect. Volume: set the master volume of the pedal. Set to match bypassed level or max it up for a nice clean boost.

Black/brown toggle switch: select the type of tremolo. Brown mode resembles power tube bias shi

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