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Catalinbread - Belle Epoch Tape Delay

Bandecho Delay auf basis des EP-3 tape echo.

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Based on the epic EP-3 tape echo.

80-ms-800ms of real-time adjustable delay.

Go from a single repeat to self-oscillations.

Dial in a variety of wow/flutter tape modulation.

100% wet/dry mix & record level control.


Technical Specifications

2.34" x 4.39" pedal

9v-18v Negative Tip DC Power (Powersupply not included)

61 mA draw


• The MIX control replicates the functionality of the Echo Volume control on the EP-3 and uses the same basic passive mixer circuit. Set at minimum to get dry only. Set at maximum to get wet only.

• The TONE / REC LEV control sets how hard the “tape” or delay line is hit. It does not affect your dry signal and only affects the initial first repeat. Turning the knob while repeats are playing will not affect them. In practice, you’ll want to use this control in conjunction with the Mix control to set your balance

• The SWAY / MOD control sets the amount of random tape wow and flutter effects in the echoes. At minimum, there is no wow and flutter. For the most realistic tape warble, set this control fairly low.

• The ECHO SUSTAIN controls how much delay signal is fed back to the delay line to get multiple repeats. From minimum up to around noon you’ll get a fixed number of repeats with a great decay curve. Above noon you start to get into infinite floating repeats and then into self-oscillation.

• The ECHO DELAY controls the delay time, from about 80ms all the way up to 800ms. It was designed to be manipulated in real-time, as you are playing, to get the same sounds as an EP-3. You’ll notice, especially when the Echo Sustain is turned up a bit, that the echo sound “lags” a bit, much like how the Echoplex behaves when you move the slider back and forth.



Quelle / Source: Youtube / Catalinbread


Marke Catalinbread


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    Das Beste
    Kundenmeinung von Olaf(on 01.02.2017)
    Nach längerem Test ( Ca 12 Monate) ist es für mich das Delay Pedal. Das Pedal hat mit Abstand den tiefsten uns geilsten Delay Sound . Darüber kommt wirklich nur noch das Fulltone Bandecho. Auch im Dauerbetrieb klingt der Sound niemals aufdringlich, die Nebengeräusche sind vorbildlich. Absolute Kaufempfehlung