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Demon Pedals - Ganapati (Ganesha Drive und Vahana Drive)

Drive and Boost - together or alone - choose order!

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One one side you have our Ganesha drive, which gives you a wide range of sounds. It has a profound tone stack, that acts beautifully in conjunction with the volume pot of your guitar. The clipping switch lets you choose between a softer and more aggresive distortion.

On the other side you have the Vahana boost. It helps you to clean up your tone a bit and gives you the little extra push if you need it.

With the selector switch you can decide who comes first.

Color: Flaked Silver

Handbuilt in Germany

Ganesh designed by Sebastian Jerke

Only high grade film capacitors and resistors were used for their superior sound and response

Change between FET clipping for a softer and SI/GE clipping for a little harsher sounds

Order of the drive and booster can be selected arbitrarily

Ganesha and Vahana can be selected individually by two separate footswitches

Completly True Bypass

9V power jack (barrel plug like Boss - 2.1mm center negative) powersupply not included

4.9” (l) x 3.7” (w) x 1.3" (h)- height excludes knobs and switches,  

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Brand Demon Pedals


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