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Gurus - Echosex 3

Analoge Reissue des Binson Echorec - V3

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After four years from his launch, being awarded and used by some of the most important musicians in live shows and in their records such as Steve Lukather, Joe Walsh, Alan Parsons, Motorhead, Skunk Anansie, Bon Jovi, PJ Harvey, and many, many others, it was the time for an update to our beloved Echosex. It’s with a big pleasure that we want to introduce the newest ECHOSEX 3°, a new version of our legendary echo unit updated with:

A completely redesigned power section, now the tube runs at an higher voltage to let you use it in any way and with any instrument without saturate its input. A redesigned and cleaned filtering offer you the same sound of the previous model, with lower noise and better dynamic response.

TAP TEMPO: one of the most requested features over the years to let you set your delay time in the easiest and precise way. Our own tap tempo circuitry make it the most precise tap option in the market, featuring a Self-Calibration setting that reads the real delay time from the brain of the Echosex to perfectly fit the exact bpm you’ve settled by the footswitch.

NEW “Magic Eye” effect to enjoy the psychedelic mood..

Thanky you, Buck And Evans


Marke Gurus


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