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Rainger FX - Dr FREAKENSTEIN DWARF BLEEP (and Igor) - Formerly Bitch

This does everything the Dwarf does – and more

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Adjust the trimpot through a baseplate port to change from regular Dwarf behaviour, into full fuzz-bleep weirdness and rhythmic oscillation – present at the start and end of each note.

The Dwarf Bleep ‘Overtone’ pot sets the bleep pitch, from a low square wave up to very high, while the Igor controller works as usual – press with your foot (or hand), and the overtone pitch changes – including bleep pitch.
The noise gate is still in effect.

Adjust the trimpot the other way to go back to standard setting.

Based on the now discontinued Dwarf B***h pedal, the Dwarf Bleep has a wider frequency response, a ‘signal present’ indicator (the LED illuminates brighter when you play), and and cool new graphics.

This hugely exciting new pedal does massive gated fuzz sounds, hi-pass filter/phasers, bit-crushers, downward pitch- change (user tuned), controllable ‘proto synth’ oscillation tones – a huge palette of tones, all controlled in real-time by Igor, and comes in a custom-designed steel enclosure.


Marke Rainger FX


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