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Zander Circuitry - Cafetiere

The distortofuzz.

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Based on infamous “Percolator”, the Cafetiere takes the bare bones of the circuit and expands it into a tweaker’s dream, adding in a bunch of extra parameters to let you dial in the perfect fuzz tone.

In addition to the standard Level & Gain controls we’ve added a second gain control that is selectable with with the Gain 2 footswitch.

The Tone control is a useful low pass filter that is great for taming some of the harsher top end frequencies this circuit can have (especially if using a single coil guitar). Starve reduces the voltage available to the circuit, allowing you to create some really gated/lo-fi fuzz tones. Feed sweeps the input capacitance from low to high which alters the bass response.

We’ve then added a 6 way rotary switch that lets you choose between various different clipping options for the diodes, these are Germanium, Silicon, Red LEDs, MOSFET, Transistor & None.

Please do not try to power this pedal with anything other than 9v, doing so will cause your shiny new pedal to stop working permanently, and no one wants that.


Controls – Volume, Gain 1, Gain 2, Tone, Feed, Starve

Switches – Engage (bypass), Gain 2, 6-way clipping diode selector

Jacks – Top mounted in/out jacks

Power requirement – 9v DC Center Negative PSU (not included)

Current Draw – 20ma (approx)

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Brand Zander Circuitry


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