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Old Blood Noise Endeavors - MAW XLR PEDAL

What began as a simple request for a vocal version of an Old Blood effect spiraled into a multi-function device with 10 new effects, versatile in/out and send/return sections oriented toward any instrument you want to throw at it, and ample control over all elements. It’s the new multi-tool for effects lovers on stage and in studio.

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Old Blood Noise Endeavors - MAW XLR PEDAL

Originally conceived as a simple effects pedal for vocalists, the MAW is a fully functional pedal for any application that involves a dynamic microphone.

Featuring a high-quality microphone preamp fed into three foot-switchable effect engines and an effects loop for integrating you own favourite external effects, MAW is both perfect as a versatile tool for studio tinkerers or it can be an all-in-one for creative vocalists looking to control their live sound.

MAW can saturate, reverberate, delay, flange and rotate your signal with the three on-board effects sections, plus you can integrate additional effects pedals with the send/return loop for a world of other creative uses. This is also perfect to patch in other pedals and effects that you may already have, which traditionally wouldn’t be able to be hooked up to a microphone directly.

Both a microphone audio workstation and a poetic tool, MAW likes an XLR signal but will take a 1/4” jack input too. Multiple outputs and expression control finish out this versatile toolkit.

Let its voice become yours.


Vocal Effects Pedal

XLR Microphone preamp for dynamic microphones

Microphone gain control with pad switch for hot signals

Tone knob - low pass filter for darker or brighter tone

Switchable saturation section, with blend and tone knobs to sculpt your tone

Two foot-switchable multi-effects engines:

First - two reverbs, short delay, phaser, lower and upper octaves

Second - two additional reverbs, long delay, flanger and rotary

Momentary or Latching Switching - for seamless effects changes on the fly

FX Loop - add your own effects pedals into its signal chain

Effects trails - allows natural Reverb and Delay decay

External Expression Control - for each effects section

1/4”/6.5mm instrument cable input

Dual outputs:

Wet - switchable between 1/4”/6.5mm or XLR

Post-saturation Dry - XLR

Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU (not included)

(9 V DC, centre -, 2.1 mm, ~210 mA current draw)


Marke Old Blood Noise Endeavours


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