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Kingtone - Vibe - 1968

Classic, No Compromise, Vibe Tones In a Pedalboard Friendly Size with Features Never Before Seen…

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The Vibe-1968 is a game changer. It takes the classic Vibes of the 60s and builds on their features, richness, and usability. Not content with building another clone, Kingtone have created the Vibe-1968. It took three years of research and development and offers a unique set of features never seen before in a pedal of this type. Vibe-1968 creates the classic and much loved swirling, phase, chorus and rotating speaker type tones, but adds a host of enhancements. Improvements include a fuller, deeper tonal range, a boosted output, two channels, a pedalboard friendly size, and much more. The two channels can be set completely independently and when switching speeds, the rate will gently ramp between settings, this gives a natural, almost rotary speaker effect. Side A can be set to a fast Leslie type vibrato tone, whereas side B can be dialed in to give a deep, swirling, vibe, chorus setting. You can then switch between them, the speed gently transitioning from one setting to the next. You have a complete set of controls for each channel, this is like two Vibes in one pedal. Insane!

100% Analog Circuit Throughout

Classic Photocell and Bulb Design

Dual Vibe Pedal, 2 Independent Channels

Smooth Speed Ramp Between Settings

Rate, Depth and Vibrato/Chorus Settings for Each Channel

Intensity Controls Go From Light Chorus or Vibrato To Classic Heavy Throb

Pulsing Indicator Lights Show Current Speed

Top Mounted Neutrik Jack Sockets

Internal Volume Control Lets You Set The Desired Output Volume From Unity to Boosted

Custom Matched Photocells For The Deepest, Most Musical Sounding Vibe Effect

We Have Managed To Fit 100% Classic, No Compromise Vibe Tones Into a Smaller Pedalboard Friendly Size.

Uses An Incandescent Bulb, No LEDs Inside!

Custom Sparkle Grey Finish

Laser Engraved Control Panel

Runs On Standard 18v DC (most pedalboard power supplies feature an 18v output), powersupply not included

Small Footprint


Marke Kingtone


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