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This is THE model if you want a classic wah sound with lots of soul. The PW works with most any pickup and any amp configuration.

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This is THE model if you want a classic wah sound with lots of soul. The PW works with most any pickup and any amp configuration.

Around twenty years ago I was busy repairing original Italian and English wah-wah pedals, shortly after the V-847 was released and the old broken stuff started coming out of closets around the world. Every single wah-wah pedal that I touched I metered and then logged into a database.

Back in July of 2001, REAL MCCOY CUSTOM released our version of a blueprinted vintage Italian Picture Wah. Now, 10 years later, RMC is proud to release the latest version of the RMC4/PICTURE WAH, housed in our new extended hammertone grey shell and topped with a chrome (RoHS Compliant) rocker and black footpad.

Inside you'll find free-standing Switchcraft jacks, a heavy-duty Italian on/off switch, double-clad circuit board, our metal can Halo inductor, rugged RMC ROC-POT, taper/resonance toggle switch, and tight tolerance componentry. No mojo parts, just mojo sound.

Just like all RMC wahs, the REAL MCCOY PICTURE WAH is developed and built by Geoffrey Teese and includes licensed fuzz-friendly technology (as of October 2006), true-bypass, easily adjustable rocker tension (as of October 2006), and AC adapter jack, and is covered by our limited one year warranty. And, yes, that is Geoffrey's picture (July 2001).

You can see and hear the chrome topped PICTURE WAH on the DVD "Santana - Live At Montreaux 2011".

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Model number: RMC4 - PICTURE WAH
Inductor: Custom manufacture Halo
PRECISION FWR-Metal film resistors, fuzz-friendly using integrated FOXROX ELECTRONICS FWR circuit.
RFI Filtering: Yes
EMI Filtering: Yes
Current draw: <10 mA
If an AC adapter is used, the adapter requires a 5.5/2.1mm coax plug with a negative center post, 9VDC AC regulated Class II, 20mA to 200mA max current output.


Marke RMC Real Mccoy


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  • Bewertung
    Wahpedale mit Soundcharakter
    Kundenmeinung von Holly(on 05.08.2020)
    Wer einmal die Gelegenheit hat diverse Wahpedale zu vergleichen,
    dem fällt auf das die Wahs von RMC fast alle einen eigenen Soundchrakter im Sinne von Excellent haben.
    Im Vergleich habe ich das Picture Wah von Geoffrey Teese mit
    Dunlop, Fulltone, Budda und Xotic vergleichen können.
    Allesamt bieten mehr oder weniger sehr gute Sounds, manche etwas
    muffiger, naasal eben Typisch die Standard Wahs. Andere wie das Fulltone Clyde sind schon eher im Oberen Referenzbereich angesiedelt.

    Das RMC 4 bietet den weiteren Regelbereich eines Clydes aber eben ein paar Extras mehr die dem Player sowohl die klassischen Wahsounds bringen aber eben ein besser abgestimmtes Vokal Verhalten, fast schon eine Musikalische Stimme.
    Absolut empfehlenswert. Preis Leistung nicht ganz preiswert aber wer
    das Wah sucht was er für immer behält dann müßte es ein RMC sein!