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Electro Faustus - EF105 Drum Thing

The EF105 Drum Thing is a percussive Noise Device

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The Electro-Faustus EF105 Drum Thing an electronic drum in its most primitive yet satisfying form.


The Drum Thing requires NO batteries/power. Connect your amplifier to the OUTPUT jack. Begin tapping on the EF105. You should begin to hear percussive sounds coming out of your amp. To avoid feedback, stand at least 5 feet from the amp. Why would you want to avoid feedback though? Feel free to experiment with any and all effects at your disposal. Adding reverb and delay will add a lot of depth to the sound.



The Drum Thing exploits a well known phenomenon called “The Piezoelectric Effect”. This is where a crystal/metallic disc is used to pick up mechanical vibrations. Those vibrations are then converted to electric signals which can be translated by your amp or computer.

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Brand Electro Faustus


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