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Electro Faustus - EF114 Simulacrum USB Sound Recorder / Player

The Simulacrum is a USB Sound Recorder device with a built in Active Buffer for guitar pass-through.

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4 banks of samples that can be triggered in variety of ways based on how they are labeled. Play a sound once, have it loop, or play a series of loops in linear order or in a random manner and create a sonically chaotic tapestry. You decide your own sonic reality.

The pedal requires an 9DVC ISOLATED POWER SUPPLY (not included). Using a daisy-chain type supply will result in excessive noise/hum.


EF114 Simulacrum

The Simulacrum is a USB Sound Recorder device with a built in Active Buffer for guitar pass-through. It is on immediately when plugged in, like a conventional looper. It allows a user to copy WAV and OGG files from their computer (via USB) into 4 onboard banks with a total of 16mb of memory. You can then trigger these sounds via footswitch, while your guitar signal passes though un-effected.

The Simulacrum is a digital pedal. It is prone to noise if plugged into to a multiple power supply that isn’t isolated. Therefore, it is a requirement that if you plan on using the Simulacrum on a pedalboard you either, 1. Make sure you power it via a known isolated power supply. Most Voodoo Labs supplies are isolated. The Truetone 1Spot with daisy chain cable is not. 2. The other option is to simply use the provided supply. It will thereby be isolated from any other power supplies.

The other important caveat is that the Simulacrum supports 44.1KHz 16-bit stereo. You can save 24-bit files to the Simulacrum, but they will not play. It’s important when saving files that you run them through a program like Audacity. You can then Export them in the correct format. The Simulacrum will not play MP3, only WAV or OGG.

WAV files are the industry standard non-compressed audio format. The 16mb Simulacrum can store about 3 minutes of Wav files. At first glance, this may seem like a tiny amount, but remember, in most applications you’re triggering short loops that may only last a few seconds each. The compressed format, OGG, can support up to 15 minutes of audio. The Simulacrum is a Mono pedal. It’s recommended that you save files in Mono, not Stereo. This will also increase the number of files you can save.

Playing sounds. The Simulacrum offers 5 different ways to trigger sounds within 4 individual banks. What do we mean by trigger? Well, depending on your needs you may need to have audio play in different ways. You just need to rename the file to get the effect you want.

Basic Trigger - name the file Tnn.WAV or Tnn.OGG to have the audio file play when the matching trigger button is pressed. To play a WAV file in bank 3, the name would be T03.wav. To play a OGG file in bank 1, name the file T01.ogg

Hold Looping Trigger - name the file TnnHOLDL.WAV or .OGG to have the audio play only when the footswitch is pressed, it will loop until the footswitch is released. To play a held WAV loop in bank 2, name the file T02HOLDL.wav

Latching Loop Trigger - name the file TnnLATCH.WAV or .OGG to have the audio start playing when the footswitch is pressed momentarily, and repeats until the footswitch is pressed again. To play a OGG latched loop in bank 2, name the file T02LATCH.ogg.

Play Next Trigger - have up to 10 files play one after the other by naming them TnnNEXT0.WAV thru TnnNEXT9.OGG. Will start with #0 and each one on every momentary footswitch press until it gets through all of them, then go back to #0. To set this up in bank 4, start by naming the file T04NEXT0.wav, T04NEXT1.wav, T04NEXT2.wav, etc.

Play Random Trigger - just like the Play Next trigger, but will play up to 10 files in random order (TnnRAND0.OGG thru TnnRAND9.OGG) every time the footswitch is pressed momentarily. To set this up in bank 3, start by naming the file T03RAND0.ogg, T03RAND1.ogg, T03RAND2.ogg, etc.

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Marke Electro Faustus


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