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Why should I order at Effekt-Boutique?
We try to be Europe´s nice boutique alternative to big music warehouses and boring standard effects. We try to find new interesting pedals for you every day and hope to show you one or two ideas for enhancing your sound. Nevertheless, we aim at being the most informative online shop and try to include as many videos, soundfiles, user reviews and links as possible. So check us out and let´s be friends!

Why shouldn´t I import directly from the USA?
Of course, you are free to do that. But please remember that besides high shipping fees and a long wait, you will still have to add your country´s VAT plus customs duties to get the final price. So as a european customer, you will get your stuff faster and without all the hassle when ordering here at the Effektboutique. And in case your pedal is faulty or damaged, you don´t have the hassle from sending it back to the United States.

How about the power supply for foreign effect pedals?
Almost all of our products are powered by a 9V battery and/or a standard 9 volt DC, negative tip power supply. These standard power supplies are used in many fields and should be available in any country and in numerous 110 or 220V versions. So powering should be no problem at all!
A few of our effect pedals require a different power source, in this case the pedal is shipped with the required power supply, mostly the 220V version. Please check the particular product info to find out which version of the power supply is added. Unfortunately, we can´t send you an other version then the stated volt version. 

Are all products available immediately?
We don´t advertise out-of-stock products as available. Every product with a „buy“ button is available and will be shipped within the displayed time.

Where can I send questions, criticism or improvement suggestions?
We love to hear from you, send your feedback to Email. We ensure you a quick response.

How much do you charge for shipping?
This depends on the country you are ordering from. We created a special section which should leave no question unanswered here.

How do you ship?
We ship your stuff with DHL, using well padded packages to ensure that your product stays intact.

Which payment methods do you offer?
For our international customers, we offer payment via credit card, PayPal and moneyorder. Or cash in the Shop?

Can I test your products before purchase?
We run a showroom in Germany. You'll find more infos about it here.

Why didn´t I receive an order confirmation email?
An automatically created email will be sent to you right after placing your order. If you won´t receive the confirmation after ten minutes, you might have entered an incorrect email address or the email was filtered by your spam filter. In that case, write us an email or put us on the whitelist of your spam filter.

How secure is my order?
We use the latest SSL encryption methods ensuring that all your information is transmitted to us in a safe and secure manner.