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Fuzzhugger FX - Arc Flash

Krachiger Overdrive/Distortion/Fuzz

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The Arc Flash is a ultra versatile box that's bursting with charged-up electric

goodness. Its an overdrive and distortion, with an insanely increased range that'll

summon everything from cleanish drives, to transparent overdrives, to cutting

distortion, to full-on grindy fuzz, to scrambled, imploding waves of overcharged

fuzz! From fuzz with a grindy edge, to dancing on the lines between nasty/freaky

and sweet/toneful...and between cutting and muffy. And completely cranked, it's

exploding with energy!

Amazing shape-shifting range, very intuitive controls, all in a tiny electrical



The Controls!

• Gain/Charge: Major range! Controls the style and amount of gain. Mode two changes the sweep of the Gain control, increasing gain, sharpness, and nastiness.

• Freq: This is a high-frequency control to further tailor the amount of bite you want! The Arc Flash is wide open, from low to high, so this knob will come in handy.

• Level: Your master volume control...with a huge amount of available volume!

• Mode: Switches between the pedal's two modes, switching both diodes and the sweep of the Gain control. Mode One does surprisingly clean overdrives, to huge,thick fuzz! Mode Two delivers a big gain increase, from sharp distortions toabsolute waves of scrambled fuzz, complete with stuttering single notes.

High gain, very overdriven! Recommended for humbuckers or single-coils in humcancelling mode.

• Germanium + LED clipping hybrid!

• Handmade in the USA.

• True-bypass switching.

• 9v negative tip adapter power. (No batteries.) Powersupply not included

• Lifetime warranty!

• Can get very high gain on highest settings.


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