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Fuzzrocious Pedals - Demon King Octave Jawn / Momentary Feedback

Modifizierter Demon Overdrive mit Feedbackschleife.... und Octave Jawn Mod


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Demon King with Octave Jawn Mod and momentary Feedback.

The Octave Jawn is a polyphonic, digital, fast-tracking octaver. This means that it will track those arpeggios, complex chords, and noodles well. Yes, octavers are widely available, but where we turn left instead of right is that ours will be a drop-in mod.

The right footswitch activated the Octave Jawn. The black knobs set the volume for upper and lower octave.

Middle Footswitch activates the drive, left footswitch the momentary Feedback.


Marke Fuzzrocious Pedals


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