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Fuzzrocious Pedals - Rat Tail - jetzt Cat Tail Octave Jawn Mod

Frisierte Ratte für Gitarre und Bass.... heisst jetzt Cat Tail - mit Octave Jawn Mod

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Cat Tail with Octave Jawn Mod.

The Octave Jawn is a polyphonic, digital, fast-tracking octaver. This means that it will track those arpeggios, complex chords, and noodles well. Yes, octavers are widely available, but where we turn left instead of right is that ours will be a drop-in mod.

The right footswitch activates the Octave Jawn. The white knobs set the volume for upper and lower octave.

The CAT TAIL is based on a well-loved distortion pedal with changes to make the circuit more usable on both bass and guitar! 3 clipping choices gives the user very different tonal clipping options (silicon, no diodes, and LED). The double resistor mod found on our RAT TAIL is also included to allow you to fine tune your sound and control how the ciruit clips by clipping more on just the highs,just the lows, or anything in between.

Includes bypass footswitch, volume pot, tone filter pot, distortion pot, clipping 1 and 2 pots, diode toggle (silicon, no diodes, LED), and a 1590BB enclosure.



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