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Kingtone - The Duellist 2022 (SILVER)

Dual Overdrive/Boost and Distortion. TS808 meets Bluesbreaker.... Silver version

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This is the Classic Duellist Version (2022). Massive, open, no compromise lead and rhythm tones, there is no pedal quite like it. Now with a whole host of exciting new features which include, a custom CNC Machined 6061 aluminum enclosure, easy access side switches for new tonal options and a channel order selector switch.

The Duellist features top mounted jacks, 9-18v DC, you can run it at 12 or 18v for more headroom. You can change the channel order A into B or B into A with a simple flick of the switch. Side mounted dip switch allows easy access to powerful tonal options. The new options include an amp-like setting, this gives you an open, tube-amp style tone. The SRV Mod adds attack and dynamics to the classic TS style tones, you’ll probably want to leave this option on once you’ve heard it.. With the Duellist you can also split channel A and B so you can use it with a pedalboard switcher. In ‘Split’ mode, using TRS cables the Duellist functions as two separate pedals with an in and out for each side, this allows you to place the two sides of the Duellist in “different places” on your pedalboard, e.g. you can put other pedals in-between the two sides.

Dual Overdrive/Boost and Distortion Features

Wide Drive Controls, Allow Almost Clean Overdrive Tones, All The Way To Full-On Overdrive Settings With No Compromise In Tone

Dual and Split modes allow to to run the Duellist as separate pedals

Easily change the channel order with a flick of a switch. A-B or B-A

Six position side dip switch opens up a host of powerfully tone options.

TRS in and out for each side

Run the pedal A into B or B into A using TRS cables

A Reinvention Of Two Classic and Distinct Overdrive Pedals In One Unit

Separate And Independent Circuits For Each Channel – A/B

True Bypass (No Tone Loss)

SRV Mod setting. Adds Attack and Dynamics, allowing the natural woody guitar tone to shine through.

Fat, Stock and Glass Settings For Each Channel (Unique to KingTone)

Amp-Like setting for side A and B. Cranked Tube Amp Style Tones

Asymmetrical Or Symmetrical Clipping For Each Channel

Switchable Distortion Circuit On Channel “B”

Classic Overdrive Tones But With Many More Options

Carefully Matched And Selected Components

Easy To See White LED Lights

High Quality 4558 Chips

A Unique And Highly Sought After Pedal

Hand Wired and Assembled In the USA.

Standard 9v – 18v DC Power Or Internal Battery (Powersupply not included)

Stunning LASER Engraved Control Panel

Built To Last A Lifetime



Marke Kingtone


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