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KMA - SAM Supply Aid Machine

Power Problem Solver.... and converter

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Solve your (power) problems with SAM: 

Just feed SAM with a standard 9V DC outlet (negative center pin) of your power supply unit or a standard power adapter and it will give you one power output with -9V DC and one with 18V DC. Each output delivers up to 100mA, enough to feed several pedals via a daisy chain. SAM helps you to increase the dynamics and the headroom of your favorite dirtbox by using the 18V DC output. We at KMA Audio Machines love old fuzz boxes and know about the -9V DC power supply problem. We felt obligated to solve that with our SAM and give you the possibility to put your vintage fuzzbox on your board without using an extra power adapter. It will avoid error sources and you can get rid of batteries!

Don't be scared to sacrifice one of your 9V DC outlet of your power supply. We added another 9V output which will link through the 9V input. As you can see, our SAM is an all-in-one solution to improve your power supply system on the fly. Small - Smart - SAM.

Every pedal is designed, assembled, silkscreened, tested and numbered by hand in our small workshop. We use external manufactured PCBs to guarantee our high quality standard and keep the price of our pedals reasonable. The use of an indestructible powdercoated die-cast enclosure ensures a maximum durability.

Input: 9V-12V DC Input

Regulated Output, Center negative: 9V, 9v, 18V

Output Current: 100mA  at 9 V and 18V


Marke KMA Audio Machines


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