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Maxon - Fuzz Elements Water FWA10

Fuzz engine designed to emulate early 70’s Ram’s Head Big Muff

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The Fuzz Elements Water FWA10 expands on the classic fuzz/distortion sounds of FEA10 by adding a parametric tone section to the circuit. By selecting a specific frequency and boosting or cutting it accordingly, a wide array of new and unique guitar tones can be created. The LED to indicate bypass/effect but also the battery condition for trouble-free performance. True Bypass. Operates with 9V battery or standard power supply (not included). Sustain, level, tone, b/c (boost/cut), freq.

Fuzz engine designed to emulate early 70’s Ram’s Head Big Muff

Warm, wooly transistor distortion

Amazingly long sustain with note “sag”

Sustain, Tone, and Level controls

Parametric Tone circuit with Frequency and Cut/Boost controls

Unlimited variety of tonal options from scooped midrange to full frequency boost

Mechanical True Bypass Switching

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  • Bewertung
    Kundenmeinung von Erik(on 12.06.2021)
    Vielseitigster Muff den ich bisher hatte! :)