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Chase Bliss Audio -  Dark World Dual Reverb

Chase Bliss Audio - Dark World Dual Reverb

Kundenmeinung (erstellt am 6. Dezember 2018):
this probably is sold as an DUAL reverb.
but you get WAY MORE then just a Reverb.

sure it is limited in its options, but the options it come with - just mindblowing.
since years I use Strymons BigSky, Eventides Space & Ekdahls Moisturizer
all 3 a high standard.

now Dark World joined the Reverb family - and it is and feels totally different then the above named.
not only each single algorithm is awesome but combining then, routing them in different directions, adding the crazyness of the Dip-Switches, ramping all the functions - makes the Dark World for me so much more then only a mono reverb pedal. it's a modulation maschine. true thing. if you can get your hands on it - get it now!!!