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Rockfabrik Effects - Mind Abuse distortion

Ultra High Gain Distortion Pedal/Preamp which has three distortion type and three band equalizer.

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Mind Abuse is a high gain distortion pedal-preamp which has three distortion structures type switch as classic, vintage and modern. It is designed to create high gain distortion tones with very low noise level by using a tube amp or a tube power amp for every hard rock and extreme metal music genres.

The modes behave like three different distortion pedals. Modern mode is used with drop tuning and 7-8 strings guitars. Classic mode is for 90’s rock and heavy metal. Vintage mode has more mid and is good to use low gain settings for rock and startlingly fit death metal.

Mind Abuse has literally transparent sound, rich harmonic contents and warm distortion tones thus you can hear every single detail even when you are playing fast at the high gain settings and home practice level.

Like all Rockfabrik products, Mind Abuse is built with specially chosen parts which are like %99,9 purity silver wires, Wima and Panasonic audio caps, high quality metal film resistors for the most transparent and natural sound. For more info, please check “what’s inside”.


Input impedance: 1M

Output impedance: 150ohm

Power supply: 9V Negative Center 2,1 mm

Current draw: 70mA

True bypass

Three band EQ

Three distortion types

Dimmension: 120x100x35mm

Powersupply not included. 

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Brand Rock Fabrik Effects


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