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The Skreddy Echo™ was designed to take over the duties of my old, green, tube tape echo. My design goals were simple: 1) make it sound 'right'; 2) it should inspire. It is intended to emulate electro-mechanical units of the past and is not clean or pristine.

The repeats degrade very gradually into a musical, harmonic soup if you turn them up high enough. Self oscillation is possible (though not in a touchy or unpredictable way) without the bothersome runaway volume some old analog delays have.

Lush, Tape-Like, Saturated Delays with Adjustable Warble

Ultra-High Sample-Rate (Delta-Sigma) Digital Delay with Analog Filtering and Limiting

Transparent, Analog "Dry" Path with Tons of Headroom

Effects Loop for Delay Line

All hand wired with Switchcraft open-frame jacks.


Get Lost in Your Playing Again

- Great classic tape delay tones (~50ms -- ~550ms) with as much or as little warble as you like

- Sounds equally great clean or with overdrive, distortion, or fuzz in front

- Effects loop allows delay-only processing or "wet" amp stereo setup featuring trails when the normal output is in bypass


  • Huge range, including slap-back, atmospheric, cathedral/stadium, self-accompanying rhythms, expansive delays, self-oscillation, vibrato-chorus-detuned effects, etc.

Loop Level (left side): allows you to reduce the volume of the effects return signal. A great many things you might consider using in the loop boost the signal (throwing the echo into an unbalanced state with excessive volume and self-oscillation); this is your attenuator for those effects that lack their own volume control.

This control is ALWAYS ACTIVE when the delay is in use regardless of whether you're using anything in the effects loop. This will also allow you to de-intensify the "Mix" control and open up the range of subtle settings.

Factory setting: 100% ("5:00 o'clock")


Modulation Range (right side): allows you to manage the range of the warble intensity knob. This is a good thing for three reasons:

1. You can eliminate the possibility of accidentally getting something un-useful on stage

2. Because of the way the circuit is designed, you can actually get a slightly shorter minimum delay if you turn the modulation range down really low, allowing for bathtub-style reverb/slap-back effects

3. If you use a higher voltage power supply, you will need to adjust the modulation range downward, as the stronger power supply drives the LED brighter, making the modulation more intense (yes; the modulation is driven by an LED/LDR combination--you can see it at work if you remove the lid).

Factory setting: 50% ("noon")


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