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Skreddy Pedals - Screw Driver Mini Deluxe

Synthese aus clean boost, overdrive und distortion

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A synthesis of clean boost, overdrive, and distortion

One of the most touch-sensitive pedals ever, this unique Skreddy Pedals design features a mosfet treble-boost input stage followed by a highly modified, tightly-controlled, hybrid fuzz circuit. (The term "hybrid fuzz" refers to a silicon transistor driving a germanium transistor)

Every aspect of the Screw Driver™ has been optimized for maximum versatility, lush and controllable vintage 'dirt' voicing, noiseless performance, and ideal tonal balance.

Versatile low, medium, or high- gain overdrive

Skreddy Pedals™ Screw Driver is the perfect marriage of sparkle, grit, and growl. Featuring a detailed, cutting twang & jangle and at the same time a smooth, thick, touch-sensitive, mellow response, you will be amazed at the beautiful tones you will hear coming out of your amp. Just the right amount of compression and a wonderfully biting attack along with a sweet, singing quality on leads. Chords, arpeggios, double stops, single notes; everything cuts through and sits perfectly in a band mix.

You will hear familiar shades of Stones, Zeppelin, Floyd, Hendrix, SRV, Trower, Skynyrd, and REM; and you will definitely find your own unique voice loud and clear.

This pedal is so classic rock and yet so versatile and modern, it promises to do away with every other general-purpose overdrive on your pedal-board.

Incidentally, you will probably find that the Screw Driver™ has more output volume than you need, but it's there in case you love to push your amp!

Features 9v battery clip (no battery included), DC adapter jack, blue LED on/off indicator, and of course true bypass switching.


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