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Skreddy Pedals - Supa Tone

Raw, dynamic, 1974 era silicon fuzz, based on a 1974 edition of a fuzz released by Colorsound™

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Skreddy Pedals™ Supa Tone: based on a 1974 edition of a fuzz released by Colorsound™, this circuit is not based on a germanium Tone Bender design but is a variant of the Big Muff™ circuit.

New version 2, featuring:

- More low-gain settings on the Sustain knob, making it easier to dial in a growly tone

- Mids switch has been changed to a "Guitar/Bass" switch.  Guitar mode (left) is a classic scooped sound like the original circa 1974 fuzz, and Bass mode (right) preserves ALL of the brutal bass throughout the tone knob's sweep.  In V1, this switch merely toggled between scooped and flat; V2 is very different!

when used for bass:

- Grindy, tubey distortion that stays in the pocket

- You get a fuzzed attack but it's still punchy and retains the normal decay envelope

- (V2:) All the low end is preserved in Bass mode, so the tone knob becomes a treble knob and does not thin out the tone even at full clockwise.

when used for guitar:

- Rough, unrefined, grinding, low-gain fuzz

- More raw & dynamic, less compressed and sustainy than a Big Muff*

- Low sustain-knob setting makes a nice cranked JCM900* emulation

Raw, dynamic, 1974 era silicon fuzz

Sustain: This controls the intensity of the fuzz and sustain.

Different distortion character will come from different settings of

this knob, from hot and grinding to sustaining and fuzzy.

Volume: This sets the output volume. You can adjust your

Skreddy Pedal to roughly the same volume as your bypass signal

(unity gain is around noon) or you can boost your signal for a more

aggressive tone.

Tone: Plenty of usable range! Go from deep and dark to warm and

full to biting and stinging.

GUITAR/BASS switch: To the left is guitar mode, which has a

classic midrange scoop. To the right is bass mode, which

preserves all the bass (probably amplifies the bass, in fact), turning

the Supa Tone into a brutal bass fuzz (and making everything

louder). In guitar mode, you might want the tone knob near the

middle and the volume turned up a bit. In bass mode, you might

want the tone knob more to the right and the volume trimmed a bit.


9v battery is not included. To install or change a battery, remove

the bottom cover using a Phillips screw driver. To prevent a

battery (if you use one) from draining while the pedal is not in use,

remember to un-plug the input cable from the pedal’s input jack.

The battery is also disconnected from the circuit when an adapter

is plugged into the DC jack.

We include a protective cover on the battery clip to prevent it from

shorting against anything inside the box if you do not use a battery.

You may also supply external power through an AC adapter. All

Skreddy Pedals accept the industry-standard 9v DC plug (5.5mm

barrel x 2.1mm center coax), with the center being negative and

the barrel being positive. Please use a quality, regulated, filtered

power supply.


Marke Skreddypedals


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  • Bewertung
    Nutze das Pedal am Bass. Hier ...
    Kundenmeinung von Rado Stecki(on 15.09.2014)
    Nutze das Pedal am Bass. Hier ist das Ding eine Bombe. Low end ohne Ende, egal in welchem Modus...schöner, cremiger Fuzz, der an die 70er erinnert, aber auch brutal klingen kann, wenn man die Mitten dazupackt (Bass-Modus).
    Absolute Empfehlung!