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Tortuga Effects - Sasquatch Silicon Fuzz

Hier die etwas garstigere Version des Sasquatch - mit Sillizium Transistor.

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The Sasquatch™ Silicon is different tweak on his Germanium brother. The Silicon transistors give it a more aggressive and tighter tone than the Germanium version. The Sasquatch™ Silicon also beautifully cuts through the mix for solos and adds tons of warmth and low-end for everything else. Just like his brother, if you decide to ‘Make Him Mad’ you’ll tap into his freak-out mode which produces gain, feedback and overtones like you’ve never heard before. You can even manipulate the pitch and growl of the feedback with the controls on your guitar. The Sasquatch™ Silicon is the newest monster in the woods. Can you ‘find him’?


Find Him = Turns the effect on

Howl = Volume

Growl = Fuzz

Hungry = Bass cut

Full = Original, bass boost

Make Him Mad = Engages the freakout mode

Anger = Amount of freakout

Enter = You plug your guitar into here

Exit = Well, just guess...

“Howl” and “Growl” are pretty self explanatory after you start tweaking them. When you want to “Make Him Mad” make sure you have your “Howl” turned all the way up, then start turning the “Anger” knob until you have a nice balance of fuzz and noise. If you turn the “Anger” knob all the way up, you can control the pitch of the feedback with the volume, tone and switch on your guitar. You’ll have hours of fun irritating anyone in the vicinity. Note: You can only control the “Make Him Mad” freak out mode with the controls on your guitar if your guitar is plugged directly into the Sasquatch. Any pedal that is before the Sasquatch in the signal chain will override this control. Note for bass players: To get the most out of your Sasquatch, be sure to use a bass with passive electronics.



•Uniquely matched pair of Silicon transistors

•Switchable bass boost or cut (‘Hungry’ / ‘Full’)

•Foot-switchable ‘Make Him Mad’ freak-out mode

•Internal 9v battery and external 9v power adaptor jack

•100% true bypass

•Sparkle silver powder coated aluminum enclosure

•Hand applied decals under a durable, glossy acrylic clear coat

•Hand made in the USA

•Enclosure Size: 3 5/8” x 4 5/8” x 1 1/4”






Marke Tortuga Effects


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