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Tortuga Effects - Dirty Martini Dual Analog Chorus and Vibrato

Die etwas verrücktere Version des originalen Martinis - jetzt mit Olive...


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The Martini™ is the most successful pedal in the Tortuga line. Hundreds of players swear by it's lush, truly analog tone and would never chose another chorus over it. Since it's release in 2009, the Martini™ has remained unchanged and I intend to keep it that way. That being said, there sure is a lot of cool stuff you can do with the circuit and I've finally put all my favorite mods in one box.

One look at the Dirty Martini™ and it may appear to be an original Martini™ with cool new graphics and an extra "Olive" control. Well, the Dirty Martini™ is more than just an extra knob. The Olive knob is a feedback control usually seen on flangers. By adding it to a Martini™ you have the choice of turning it down for a lush chorus or blending it up to add depth and swirl unlike any chorus on the market. Turn it all the way up and you'll get a huge, sweep of vibrato, delay and choral wash that will take you to another planet. Now, with the Olive knob down, the Dirty Martini™ is not just a standard Martini™. It is a beautiful, lush chorus like the Martini™ but with a completely different flavor. I've tweaked the Dirty Martini's™ chorus circuit and made it more glassy and gave it more presence than the original. In addition to the circuit tweaks and the additional Olive knob, the Dirty Martini™ still has two channels where on the second you have the choice of chorus or vibrato. This way you can set the first channel up for a swirly analog chorus and the second side as a faster, pitch vibrato that you can switch between on the fly.

The original Martini™ is the head of the Tortuga Family and the Dirty Martini™ is it's slightly crazy, gin drinking, loud mouth big brother.


•Foot-switchable dual rate controls

•Old stock bucket-brigade analog delay chip

•Vibrato/Modulation toggle switch for channel 2

•Internal 9v battery and external 9v power adaptor jack

•100% true bypass

•Sparkle silver powder coated aluminum enclosure

•Hand applied decals under a durable, glossy acrylic clear coat

•Hand made in the USA


Tortuga Effects: Dirty Martini from Red Planet Media on Vimeo.





Marke Tortuga Effects


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