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Zander Circuitry - SiClone

The SiClone can take you from low gain vintage style fuzz tones right through to complete sonic annihilation.

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The silicon chaos initiator.

Probably the most versatile fuzz in the world…who knows? Who cares? It’s awesome either way.

From it’s humble beginnings as a modified “factory” circuit, it has since bloomed into the chaotic 8-knob monstrosity you see before you. The SiClone can take you from low gain vintage style fuzz tones right through to complete sonic annihilation.

The Level and Fuzz controls are fairly self-explanatory, but then we start moving into the SiClone’s other controls…

Shunt acts like a gate of sorts, taming any feedback and turning endless sustain into a sharp & stutters decay.

Squash compresses the attack of the fuzz as you turn it up, giving more of a synth-like sound.

Starve restricts the voltage to the circuit as you turn it up, allowing you to create dying-battery like fuzz sounds.

Bright controls the tone stack, a high and a low pass filter running together to let you dial the sound in just right for your rig.

Body controls the amount of low end the circuit lets through.

Punch controls the mid range characteristic.

After all of those controls there is then a second “tone” footswitch that bypasses the “Bright” and “Punch” controls that will give you a fat and mid-rich fuzz with a higher output (There is an internal trimmer that allows you to balance the overall volume when the tone switch is off, stock it is set so that when you engage the tone switch there is a slight jump in volume).

It is worth noting that whilst all of the controls do have their own specific role within the circuit, they are all very interactive with each other and moving one will effect the other, it allows for some very interesting experimentation.

Please do not try to power this pedal with anything other than 9v, doing so will cause your shiny new pedal to stop working permanently, and no one wants that.


Controls – Level, Fuzz, Squash, Shunt, Starve, Bright, Punch, Body

Switches – Engage (bypass), Tone

Jacks – Top mounted in/out jacks

Power requirement – 9v DC Center Negative PSU (Not included)

Current Draw – 10ma (approx)


Marke Zander Circuitry


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