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Maxon - Fuzz Elements Ether FE10

Fuzz engine based on vintage Shin-Ei / Univox Super Fuzz

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The Maxon - Fuzz Elements Ether FE10 expands on Octave/Fuzz sounds of FA10 by adding a parametric tone section to the circuit.

By selecting a specific frequency and boosting or cutting it accordingly, a wide array of new and unique guitar tones can be created.

The LED to indicate bypass/effect but also the battery condition for trouble-free performance.

True Bypass.

Operates with 9V battery or standard power supply (not included).

Controls: Expander, level, b/c (boost/cut), freq.

Fuzz engine based on vintage Shin-Ei / Univox Super Fuzz

Square Wave clipping with upper octave harmonic

Level and Expand controls

Parametric Tone circuit with Frequency and Cut/Boost controls

Unlimited variety of tonal colors

Mechanical True Bypass Switching

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