Railhammer Pickups

Railhammer Pickups


Rails under the wound strings for tight clear lows: thin rails sense only a narrow section of string, reducing note smearing and muddiness. There's still plenty of low end, it's just more defined and less mushy. Even the most aggressive fast riffs and palm muting are tight, clear and cut through the mix.

Poles under the plain strings for fat singing highs: oversize 6mm diameter poles sense a wide section of string, increasing thickness and sustain. Slow bend, double stops, or fast shred, the tone stays fluid and soulful without any thin, nasty harshness.

Efficient magnetic structure: the rails/poles are larger than traditional polepieces, and have a very large surface area contacting the magnet. This produces a strong and wide magnetic field which is very touch sensitive and responsive to your playing technique. It also means no dead spots when you bend, even on the pole side.

Height tapered rails: the rails taper up, with the highest point under the D string. Volume of the D string is now increased, which is typically weaker. This gives you more consistent volume overall from string to string.

Six screw baseplate: a traditional baseplate has four screws securing the bobbins to the baseplate. We added two extra screws which reduces internal vibration, preventing uncontrollable feedback and squealing.

No moving parts: non-adjustable poles, along with vacuum wax potted coils and the six screw baseplate, result in a solid pickup with no moving parts. We've eliminated excess vibration of parts which can cause uncontrollable feedback and squealing. Another benefit is enhanced clarity and response, because when the parts don't vibrate, they more accurately sense string movement.

Four conductor wiring with independent ground: all models have this type of wire lead, which allows for all the custom wiring tricks like coil split, phase, series/parallel, etc.

Universal spacing: the oversize poles and long rails cover a wide string spread, which means the spacing will work with just about any guitar in any position.

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