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Old Blood Noise Endeavours - Dark Star Reverb V2

The Reverb signal passes through three possible modes: Pitch, Delay and Crush

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Now Version 2! Upgrade to V2 includes :

- Expression out switchable between two controls : upper left control and bottom right control
- Clickless switching, relay based true bypass system.
- Internal trimpot to adjust output volume

At its heart, the Dark Star is a Reverb. Then the Reverb signal passes through three possible modes: Pitch, Delay and Crush. CTRL 1 and CTRL 2 correspond with the selected mode. In Pitch, you've got two independent pitch controls for + and - an octave. In Delay, you've got the Delay Time and Delay Feedback. In Crush, you've got a pitch control for +/- an octave and then a control for Bit Crush. The Mix and Reverb knobs control the mix of dry/wet signal and the decay of the reverb, respectively.

The Dark Star has two footswitches. The Bypass switch is your standard on/off True Bypass switch. The Hold switch is a momentary footswitch that when pressed, will lock in whatever note is being played through the reverb effect. This will sustain as long as the Hold switch is pressed. If the Mix control is set less than 100% wet, you can continue to play over the sustaining reverb signal.

Source: youtube / Old Blood Noise Endavours

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