Black Arts Toneworks - Pharaoh Fuzz



Produktbewertung (übermittelt am 31. Januar 2016):

This pedal gives you a whole palette of fuzz sounds to work with, from mild Gilmour-ish like fuzz to Electric Wizards buckets of gnarliness.

There is a sensible difference when switching between types of transistors - expected due to the sort of electronics that are in. But easily adjustable with the volume knob.

Construction is good, could be a bit sturdier I think. But will do what it's supposed to.

I had to choose between this and the Musket - ended up going with the Pharaoh for the warmer tones, they sounded more "organic" to my ears - but that's my personal opinion.

In any case, recommended for its versatility, but I'd add that it seems to me more useful for those - like me - who want to dial a huge amount of gnarly fuzz in their sounds. The fact that the pedal can deal with more laid back tones is a plus, but I don't think it is the main goal of it (I mean, look at the name).