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Electro Faustus - EF110 Blackfly

Passive Noisebox mit 4 Federn als Tongenerator......

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The Blackfly is a spring activated instrument that delivers a wide spectrum of sonic textures. A secret weapon perfect for serious noise makers, soundscape architects and spacious jam explorers alike! -



– Connect your amplifier to the OUTPUT jack.


The Blackfly consists of 4 springs arranged from a low to high pitch. Stricking, strumming, scraping or plucking these springs will create a wide spectrum of sonic textures. Where you play the on the spring and how much pressure applied will yield various effects.

Swat - This is a momentary switch. depressing the button will create cool cut-up effects!

Swarm – This dial when turned from Left to Right will determing the range of frequency being transmitted by the unit.

Tuning - After playing the Blackfly it may be necessary to “tune” the springs by tightening the nuts. The hardware of this instrument was kept as flexible as possible (like a guitar) so that modifications can be made. As with all our pedals, there’s no right way to use it. Experiment and have fun!

- POWER – No power is required to operate the EF110!


Marke Electro Faustus


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