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Alexander Pedals - Luminous Phaser and more

The Luminous: equal parts phaseshifter and swirly glowing haze machine. It dances and hovers with the utmost mystery, occasionally imperceptible while frequently vivid. And it glows in the dark…….
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You may have heard the joke that “phasers are just boneless flangers,” and that’s kind of true! We like to think of phasing as a more round and liquid sound, one that sits in a mix a lot better than the sharp / angular tone of flanging. Luminous gives you ten distinct flavours of phaser, from very subtle to incredibly intense. Then we add in the ability to save your favourite sounds to instant access presets, making for an incredibly useful musical tool.

The Leap Series improves upon our popular Neo Series platform in lots of ways, including:

- Stereo audio input and output with phase correction
- Low-noise direct-coupled audio path
- Improved audio headroom and frequency response
- FXCore DSP with more than 8 times the processing power than our previous Neo Series pedals
- 32 onboard presets (4 banks of 8 presets each,) all accessible on the pedal without the need for external controls.


Luminous features ten all-new phase engines, each with its own set of tweakable parameters.

CLASSIC: Versatile and powerful studio phaser, configurable between 2 and 24 phase stages. Try a 4-stage phaser with low resonance for stompbox-type phasing, or a 12-stage phaser set to slow sweep for studio style phasing.

DUAL: Two independent phase shifters, configurable as SERIES (A into B,) PARALLEL (A and B summed together,) STEREO (A on left, B on right,) or SPLIT (stereo inputs to each phaser.) Phaser B may be LOCKED or INVERTED to the LFO for Phase A.

PHASE DELAY: Clean digital delay (up to 800ms) with an 8-stage phaser on the delay trails. The delay is controlled by the tap tempo in this mode instead of the phaser.

K-TREM: Inspired by vintage tuck-and-roll amps, this is phase vibrato combined with tremolo. Try 2 stages with low Image settings for amp-type effects, or 3 stages for more of a vibro thang. Sync sets tremolo to mute during high or low phase sweep.

DYNAMIC: 8-stage phaser controlled by your playing dynamics. Dynamic engine may control phaser RATE, DEPTH, or set to MANUAL mode to control the phaser directly like an auto-filter.

INFINITE: This one will spin you right round! Combines a Bode-inspired frequency shifter with phaser bank to produce infinitely rising or falling phase using the DIR control on page 2. The Rate and Depth controls affect the phaser bank to add motion.

FLYING PAN: Classic ‘70s style panned phaser. Warning - this one only works to its full potential in stereo, but it’s still a cool tremolo phaser in mono. The phase signal may be placed anywhere in the stereo spectrum before it hits the panning engine.

PATTERN: Rhythmic step-sequenced phaser with 8 selectable patterns. Pattern 8 is user-definable using MIDI CC commands.

UNIQUE: Special mode inspired by an incandescent-powered Japanese effect from the 1960s. The second page has controls to go way beyond the original effect, set these at their minimum position to start at the vintage sound. Set the Mix control to 50% for “chorus” or 100% for “vibrato.”

PHLANGER: Takes inspiration from a classic DIY kit. While the original was just a funny spelling of “flanger,” our version combines phaser and flanger in a single mode. Use the Time control to mix and swirl between the two effects.


THIRTY-TWO built-in presets (four banks of 8) allow you to colour with all the crayons in the box. Hold the Bypass / Preset footswitch to select the next preset, or hold both to go back.


Bypass trails (for modes with echo or delay) are configurable for hard bypass, full trails, or auto trails. In auto trails mode, the delay or reverb will decay normally and then seamlessly ramp to zero volume for the lowest possible operating noise. Modes without reverb or delay will behave as normal hard bypass.


Seamlessly morph between different knob settings on the fly using the built-in ramp footswitch, expression pedal, footswitch, or MIDI controller.


The input jack is selectable for standard mono or TRS stereo signal input without opening the pedal. The output jacks are usable as either mono, two-cable stereo, or TRS stereo. Connect all your Venture and Leap Series pedals in stereo with TRS cables for a neat and tidy pedalboard!


Connect an expression pedal, footswitch, or MIDI controller to this jack to add performance control to your pedal. Also compatible with our ALEXPANDER performance control switch!


Every Leap Series pedal features a USB port for MIDI control and firmware updates.

Mono or stereo input (TRS)

Mono or stereo output (TRS or dual outputs)

Input Impedance: 1M ohms

Output Impedance: 560 ohms

DC 9V only, 250mA or greater

Requires isolated DC power supply, powersupply not included

4.7” x 2.6” x 1.5” H x W x D not including knobs

Ten phaser engines

32 user presets, arranged in 4 banks of 8 or two banks of 16

MultiJack enables expression pedal, foot switch, or MIDI input

Supports optional AlExpander passive foot controller

EXP Morph allows controlling all knobs from expression pedal, ramp footswitch, or MIDI

Automatic ramping function for expression control without external pedal

CTL footswitch for tap tempo and ramp trigger

USB port for firmware updates and USB MIDI

Buffered bypass with selectable trails on all modes with delay or reverb



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