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Electro Harmonix - Nano Q-Tron Envelope Controlled Filter

A compact version of the classic Micro Q-Tron Envelope Controlled Filter known for its organic, analog sound and expressivity.

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Envelope controlled filter is an effect type that ventures beyond the mainstream yet is equally at home in a wide range of genres and equally effective on guitar, bass, keys, horns and more. Electro-Harmonix is a pioneer in this effect category and has been making envelope controlled filter pedals since the 1970s! The Nano Q-Tron springboards off that deep heritage.

Here’s how it works: The Nano Q-Tron responds to the user’s playing style and dynamics. The volume of the input signal it receives (also called the envelope) controls the cutoff or center frequency of a swept filter. This allows the Nano Q-Tron to create tone-altering effects ranging from subtle to dynamic, auto-wah to ultra-funky. It’s all about how you play and it’s super interactive.

Vol (Volume) knob which controls the pedal’s output volume

Drive Control adjusts its filter sweep sensitivity and how the pedal responds to the user’s playing dynamics

Q Control sets the peak bandwidth of the filter and determines how subtle or dramatic the effect will be

LP BP HP Mode Switch controls what frequency range the filter will pass. LP (low pass) emphasizes the lows, BP (band pass) the midrange and HP (high pass) the highs

Pedalboard friendly, compact, rugged enclosure

True Bypass switching

Comes equipped with a 9Volt battery and can also be powered by an optional 9Volt power supply


Circuit - Analog

Bypass - True Bypass

Audio - Mono

Power Supply -9V battery included (optional 9.6VDC-200mA power adapter not included)

Dimensions (in) 4.5 x 2.75 x 2.1

Current Draw 10mA

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