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Fuzzrocious Pedals - Electric Ocean

Chewy, bubbly, swirly fuzz-phaser.

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Live at the beach all year long with Fuzzrocious' first dive into heavy modulation. Electric Ocean is our brand new chewy, bubbly, swirly fuzz-phaser.

After owning three vintage Roland Jet Phasers, Ryan had a love-hate relationship with the much sought after vintage fuzz-phaser. While this is not a clone of the Jet Phaser, it IS a love letter written to it. The goal was to make a pedal that would do all of the things Ryan liked about fuzz-phasers, cutting the fat and gristle away allowing for a simple to use, easy to dial in, and unique sounding pedal. With the help of Nicholas Williams of Dunwich Amplification fame, Electric Ocean was born.

Electric Ocean features:

Effect order toggle to run fuzz -> phaser / phaser -> fuzz

Fuzz on/off toggle

Silicon fuzz with a simple mid-focused tone control to keep you present in a mix

Six (6) stage OTA-driven phaser

Rate switcher footswitch to change between two phase rates

Internal trimpot for control over the phase voicing sweep

Electric Ocean accepts 9V DC output center negative power ONLY. Failure to use the correct power supply will result in a void of warranty and repair costs.
Power supply not included.

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