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JHS Pedals - Prestige

Booster, Buffer und Drive.

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In the footsteps of our long-ago discontinued Mr Magic pedal, we bring you the "final act" in boost magic...The Prestige! From buffer, to boost, to tone enhancer, the Prestige will prove to be a vital and necessary piece of gear for anyone's rig. With the boost knob set to zero, you have in your hands an amazing buffer/enhancer for long cable runs as well as a tool that will simply add some life back into your rig. When the Boost knob is in the first 25% you will get different flavors of the buffer/enhancer as well as slight volume increases. When the Boost knob is set between 25% and 50% you have a powerful, dynamic solo boost that adds definition, clarity and a little magic to your solos and lead passages. When set at 50% or more, the Prestige gives you the ability to break up your tube amp in a smooth and natural way resulting in real tube overdrive from the preamp section of your tube amp. The last 25% of the volume range can completely destroy your amp in the best way possible, resulting in rich soaring sustain, breakup, and on some amps even a smooth warm fuzzy growl.

This super small 1.5"x3.6" booster can do what needs to be done no matter what the task. If you need a little magic in your life, look no further!

This pedal requires standard 9V DC Negative power, consumes less than 100mA, and measures 3.6"x1.5"x1" Powersupply not included.

Source: youtube/JHS Pedals


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  • Bewertung
    JHS Prestige -Buffer & Booster par excellence
    Kundenmeinung von Holger(on 17.09.2016)
    Der JHS Prestige ist ein kleiner Helper auf dem Effekteboard oder aber
    im Signalweg zwischen Gitarre und Amp. Lange Kabelwege bringen oft
    Signamverlust, das wird mit dem Prestige deutlich besser.
    Zudem ist er ein kleiner sauberer Booster der einen guten Amp
    optimal boostet sodaß man einen angezerrten Ton auch mit einem
    cleanen Amp erreichen kann.
    Daß nebenbei der Ton ein wenig "aufgefrischt" wird ist ein extra
    Schmankerl. JHS sehr gute Effekte die das was sie machen sollen
    hervorragend umsetzen!